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2009-09-14 - 12:33 p.m.

Okay, first the good news.

Dr. Sahai took more x-rays of Laila's leg and said he is "amazed" at how well she's healed. The pin hasn't moved so much as a "half-millimeter". Neither have the wires that they put in to hold the bone together while it healed. The pin is clearly seen in the bone, and there's no cloudiness where the ends of the pin are, so there's no rejection, no irritation, no pain.

There's a callus-like thickening where the break was. This is normal, and actually has strengthened the bone. Laila still "scrambles" a little when she jumps up onto my dresser (on the way to the window perch). Dr. Sahai says she will never recover 100%, but she's acting like nothing's wrong. She may also have a little discomfort when it gets cold and she gets over-active, but again that's normal.

We also revisited the idea of removing the pin. Dr. Sahai has changed his mind - he doesn't feel the pin and wires have to come out at ANY point. If it were to come out, she'd have to go through surgery, be in a cast again for two weeks, then have to wear that big e-collar again, and so on. We both agree that there's no reason to put her through all that unless it becomes absolutely necessary - and as long as the pin and the wires don't move, it's not necessary.

Her next check-up is scheduled for six months from now.


Now comes the bad part. Saturday started out awful and then got better.

Most of Saturday turned out to be a waste. I went in to work to fix the bowling game and the new part that had been shipped overnight blew out. So what I figured was the problem...wasn't.

Then I went to the PO for the third straight day to see if my new Bluetooth headset had arrived...and it hadn't.

When I got into the car to go to the bar, I noticed the CD player was trying to eject a CD...when there wasn't one in it. Even after I inserted one to try to clear the error, it ejected that one and kept going. This would burn out the motor and drain my battery. And fixing it would mean a trip to the dealer (or some other electronics place)...which would mean spending MORE money I don't have, which would mean more borrowing, which would mean being in debt EVEN LONGER.

I got mad. I got frustrated. I am so sick of seeing light at the end of the financial tunnel and not being able to get there.

More debt, more debt. I've even put a few things on eBay, to no avail.

And as the icing on the cake, when I tried to talk to a few people about this, I got a lot of "other people have it worse than you, so stop your bitching". I get that other folks do have worse problems than I do. But when someone is having a bad day and want to vent to me, I try to listen and be sympathetic. But when I needed to vent, I basically get told that my problems aren't worth being upset about.

They are MY problems, and I bet if I dismissed someone else's problems like that they wouldn't like it that much.

Rant over. Sorry, but I needed to say all that.


And it did get a little better.

I disconnected the car battery for about five minutes, and when I reconnected it the CD player stopped ejecting. I don't want to try putting another CD into it yet, but at least the motor burn-out and battery-draining are no longer an issue. At least, not right now.

I got to vent most of my frustration on the drums, and the bar was packed most of the night so we got to rock out some. I did get some good sympathy and some "I know what it's like, it does get better"...which I needed. There was also some healthy outrage at the bar owners for cutting us to every other Saturday.

I wound up leaving that night in a much better frame of mind than when I got there.


Then, Sunday. A game night. Old favorites were played, and old friends were visited.

Damn, I needed that.


Okay, enough about me.

Just in case you didn't already know, Kanye West has no class.

And Bill Maher is an idiot.


Back into the grind.

Be seeing you.


3 comments so far

artgnome - 2009-09-14 20:06:21 -
nothing sucks more than being a loyal friend to people who don't reciprocate, and especially for as small a thing as venting about a bad day. We're all ears here, Dave. Hope the rest of the week makes up for all that. also great news about Laila. You've done a great job with her!


Brin aka Bindyree - 2009-09-14 23:54:07 -
As I've discussed with you in private, due to ill health and the physiology associated with systemic lupus, I'm simply no longer able to be a sounding board for ANYBODY. This makes me a terrible best friend for anyone to be stuck with. And I don't like it anymore than you do, hon. Hang in there.


Dave - 2009-09-15 07:07:51 -
I know, Brin. And you weren't one of the people I was referring to. Matter of fact, we didn't speak at all that day. :)


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