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Bad Time

2009-10-23 - 12:19 p.m.

Yesterday, Brin and I had a great deal to take care of. Since that included a trip to Target, we had lunch at the Chinese buffet place (which has a Target next door).

After running the errands, we discussed going to the Park. Unfortunately, the monster bruise was aching and the heat was getting to be a bit too much. Oh, as to the current condition of the bruise: think eggplant purple throughout, all the way to the edges.

So the decision was made to stay in and watch the ALCS game. We both decided later that this was the Better Idea.

The Angels jumped right out of the gate with four runs in the first inning and kept the Yankees scoreless until the top of the seventh. With two outs, Mike Scioscia decided to pull starter John Lackey. Lackey protested - we could see him saying "This one is MINE" - but Scioscia's the boss, so they put in Darren Oliver.

Scioscia, it seems, picked a bad time to switch pitchers. Oliver promptly gave up six runs. Lackey left the dugout in disgust.

The Angels rallied back for three more runs to re-take the lead and win the game 7-6.

Could Lackey have gotten that last out? We don't know. Lackey had just put two men on base, so anything was possible.

The series now goes back to New York for Saturday and possibly Sunday.

Go Angels!


We also learned about the death of comedian Soupy Sales.

I really don't remember any of Sales' children's shows, but I do remember him being a panelist on What's My Line and other game shows over the years.

As usual, Mark Evanier has a nice story about Soupy.


"Mommmmm! The tree is looking at meeeeee!"


Okay, Brin says she's going to cut my hair. I'm way overdue.

Be seeing you.


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