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Ticket To Ride

2009-11-16 - 12:51 p.m.

I called the vet about the softening of Laila's coat. He agrees with Brin's assessment - it's a combination of better food, less stress, and living indoors (less dirt in the fur).

It's all good stuff.


Last night I purchased train tickets for my Thanksgiving trip.

I'm NOT going through this again.


Speaking of tickets...

Folks are already starting to camp out for the opening of the new Twilight movie.

I'll be glad when it starts - I'm getting a little annoyed at the Twilight ads masquerading as Volvo ads.


So this is "Green Week" for NBC. The network is supposed to be putting forth ways to live greener and help combat global warming.

This article talks about a report from Oregon State University that says that having a child increases YOUR carbon footprint by a MULTIPLE of 5.7, due to your kids having kids and so on.

So if having fewer children will help lower your own carbon footprint, why isn't this being trumpeted as a possible solution? Probably, as one activist stated, because it isn't PC.

But if global warming is, as Al Gore testified is "the biggest crisis we've ever faced" and it must be stopped, shouldn't such a solution be talked about, even if it isn't PC?

Simple - it's because global warming is bullshit.

Oh, and speaking of His Goreness, he's changing his tune about CO2.

But...but...he said "the science is settled"! How dare he change his mind!


Speaking of PC... reports that the FBI has been aware that Nidal Hasan has been in communication with a radical al-Qaeda cleric for the last year.

Did political correctness - not wanting to be seen as persecuting Hasan because he was Muslim - play a part here?


Medicare fraud is rampant - $47 billion worth last year.

But of course, the government will do SO much better with health care, right?


Former president George W. Bush is warning about letting the government get too big.

This from the man who grew government tremendously during his administration.


Okay, I need to get going.

Be seeing you.


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