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Mystery Train

2009-11-26 - 7:55 a.m.

Up at 7am - God help me - so I can get to the train on time.

Spoke with my parents and my aunt last night, and everything is set. Someone will pick me up at the station when I arrive, and someone will get me there so I can make it home.

Because I'm not going through what I went through last year again...especially since there's a NEW fire in Anaheim Hills that started Tuesday evening. They expect to have it contained today.

If I took the 91, I'd go right past it. Not gonna happen. The train station is near Anaheim Stadium, so I'm heading south instead of east.


Last night I decided to try something different with my Shake N Bake, and so I bought some Zatarain's broccoli cheddar rice.

I followed the instructions to the letter - 2T butter, 2 1/4 water, and the rice in the saucepan, bring to boil, then cover and simmer 25 min. When the 25min was over, I found that a layer of rice had stuck to the bottom and burned. There was still some good rice above THAT, and it went pretty well with the chicken I'd shake-n-baked.

I may try it again, but stirring it every once in awhile. Albertson's has it for $1.75 or thereabouts, so it won't kill me if it burns again.


Oh - I soaked the saucepan in hot soapy water, and all the burnt rice came off.


I learned this when I was a little child.

Now I'm older, and it's still true.


Okay. Train ride for first time in twenty-some years.

So...lemme see. Train ticket - check.

Loaded iPod - check.

GameBoy with several cartridges - check.

Today's newspaper - check.

Kittehs fed - check. I'll bring some turkey home, too.

I'm forgetting something. I just know it.

Oh yeah - I need to shower and get dressed. That might help.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Be seeing you.


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Monkey Magic - 2009-11-26 17:39:47 -
This may be of interest to you: I don't know if it's a true match, but it looks close. Thought you'd be interested.


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