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Train, Train

2009-11-27 - 1:36 p.m.

Everybody have a good Thanksgiving? Excellent.

Mine was much MUCH better than last year.


First off, I didn't sleep well the night before. Chalk it up to nervousness (about being late and missing my train), excitement (train ride - yay!)...whatever.

Anyway, I think I only got about four hours of sleep.

Woke up, wrote yesterday's post, showered, dressed and got out...about fifteen minutes later than I'd planned, but still in time.

I had wanted to swing by McDonald's and get breakfast, but there was enough of a line at the drive-thru that I decided not to. Mistake.

Got to the station and in my waiting spot fifteen minutes before the train was scheduled to depart. Thought about going back to McDonald's, dismissed that as foolish.

Train arrived on time. The cars are now double-decker, and most of the lower level seats are reserved for handicapped or seniors. So I go upstairs.

I sit and read the paper, work the crossword...and my stomach rumbles. I go to the club car and get a nuked breakfast burrito and a can of diet Pepsi. Total cost: $5. Next trip, I eat before I go.

My uncles find me at the station. We go to where the party will be. This year, my aunt Pat decided not to cook a turkey - she had a spread delivered. But there were plenty of appetizers...and of course the famous chili-cheese dip, also known as the cholesterol highball.

Although I could have claimed first-eating rights due to my delayed appearance last year, I held back...for about five minutes. One step at a time.

Everyone was pleased to see me. And for the record, I beat my parents to the arrival point. Neener.


All too soon, I had to go. A zip-lock bag of turkey was put together for the cats, goodbyes were said, and I was taken to the train station.

Now again, I was a bit nervous because I wanted to be sure I got there ON TIME and I hadn't been on a train in over two decades. I got there way too early and waited about fifteen minutes before I could even board.

During the trip back, there were far fewer people riding. I had the entire car almost to myself for about half the trip. Again, I worked the crossword, played with the GameBoy, and listened to the iPod.

Made it home, found the car, and got back to the apartment.

The kittehs got some turkey (which they just about inhaled) and I collapsed around 1am.

And that was my Thanksgiving - far more relaxed and easy-going.


So what would I change? Well, now that I know what to expect, I'd be a little looser about when to be at the station for the departures.

I'd also make sure I have breakfast.


There's already talk about me taking the train for the Christmas get-together. It hasn't been decided who will host, but then there's no rush.

This is much better than driving. I think we have a new holiday tradition.


And now, today. Black Friday.

I'm not leaving the apartment until I have to go to work. And I'm not going anywhere near the malls. I'm crazy, but I'm not stupid.

Besides, I've already done my shopping. So there.


Okay, I'm gonna make some lunch and then get ready for work.

Be seeing you.


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