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2009-12-02 - 12:58 p.m.

While I was at work, I showed Walter this picture from - and he face-planted on his desk laughing.

He then looked at several other pictures. Hilarity ensued.


Oh, I forgot to tell you all.

I got a phone call from Bob on Sunday:

Bob: Are you free December 19? We may have a wedding.
Me: Well, that's nice...but I thought you were already married.
Bob: BWAH hah hah hah...

It's since been confirmed. We have another gig.

At some point I'll scout the location with Bob to see where everything gets plugged in, etc. etc.

And I'll have to take a day off and clean the drums.


Angels baseball news, both good and bad.

The bad news - the broadcast team of Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler have been let go. The TV duties will be done by Rory Markas and Mark Gubicza, while Terry Smith and Jose Mota will handle the radio games.

The good news - the team voted a full share of play-off monies to the estate of Nick Adenhart, which came to over $100k. I keep telling people that these players are a class act. They just proved it - again.

The excellent news - Mike Scioscia was voted AL Manager Of The Year.

Just wait till next year.


Want to shake Al Gore's hand at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen?

You can! It'll only cost you $1200.

I repeat my comment in this article:

Of course, the $1200 only gets you the handshake. You still have to get to Copenhagen, which means more money and a plane flight that increases your carbon footprint.

Where does that $1200 go? I bet it goes into Gore's pocket, to help pay for carbon offsets for the trip you just made.

And is the handshake a guarantee? What if you pay and you DON'T get the handshake? Do you get your money back?

So you only get to do this if you're already rich enough to afford it...which probably means there'll be no global warming deniers in the line to touch his sweaty mitt.

Maybe there are deniers that are rich enough to pay to throw the Climategate papers in Gore's face. But it seems that most of the ones who are pro-AGW are the ones who would have the extra money to do this.


Okay. I need to get going.

Be seeing you.


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