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Going For A Ride

2009-12-07 - 6:32 p.m.

Oy. A very late post.

Here's the deal. My GM and Walter went to the corporate HQ to attend the manager's meeting. Now, there's some office work that the GM takes care of on Mondays. Obviously, he can't do it if he's not here.

So I volunteered, and he gratefully accepted. The work got done, and I got even more brownie points - win-win.

The downside was having to get up at 7am.


And when I did wake up, I found it had been raining. I had slept through it. After I had assembled myself and headed out, it was only drizzling.

At 9am or so, the sky opened. There was a downpour that lasted...until I left work and headed for home. Then it toned itself back to a drizzle.

I fed the cats and started working on this post...


...until I started having problems with my Norton 360.

I contacted their on-line customer service. Their tech did a remote connection into my system and saw I had an old version of the program. He upgraded me to the newest version, my computer re-booted...and no more problem.

Except that the start of this post got deleted because he didn't save it.

That's okay. I knew what I'd written.


Get your hip-boots ready, gang. This is gonna get messy.

So the IPCC is committed to stopping global warming, even in the face of all the hacked e-mails showing it's a farce.

Well, it seems the chairman of the IPCC likes to fly. A lot. Including one-day trips from New York to Delhi for a cricket match. However, he still thinks that you (as in, WE) shouldn't fly - after all, all OUR flying increases global warming!

Oh, and how are all those climate conscious folks getting to Copenhagen? Why, by private plane, of course. The Copenhagen airport is expecting an extra 140 private jets due to this conference, which is a problem:

The airport says it is expecting up to 140 extra private jets during the peak period alone, so far over its capacity that the planes will have to fly off to regional airports - or to Sweden - to park, returning to Copenhagen to pick up their VIP passengers.

Oh, and limo companies are responding to the requests demands for private much so that:

"We haven't got enough limos in the country to fulfill the demand[...w]e're having to drive them in hundreds of miles from Germany and Sweden."

Amazing, ain't it? But then, of course, there are to take advantage of.

Suddenly I feel like going for a drive. Nowhere in particular...just driving. A LOT.


Okay. It's cold and I haven't had dinner. Time to rectify that.

Be seeing you.


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