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Behind The Eight Ball

2009-12-29 - 11:32 a.m.

Small post today.

Got up way too early this morning for an employee meeting. I was one of four people who showed up on time. We wound up having about fifteen people there...out of about forty total.

Well, the policies that were mentioned went into effect anyway. The GM will warn the no-shows.

And those who showed up got donuts and orange juice. We also got time on the time-clock.


Then I swung by the post office. The DVDs I'd purchased hadn't arrived yet - I checked the tracking and found it had left Las Vegas yesterday and probably won't show up until Thursday.

There were a couple things in the mailbox, though. So I picked them up and got some breakfast. Then I came home to rest. Not really enough time to nap, so I'm just going to struggle through until I have to go back for my regular shift.

Then I'll likely sack out early tonight.


Interesting question: why would al-Qaeda take responsibility for a failed terrorism attempt and NOT take responsibility for the Ft. Hood shootings...even though both seem to involve the same US-born imam currently in Yemen?


Want to customize a Magic 8-Ball? Here's how.

I kinda like the idea of making it into a D20 and using it in and RPG.


Okay, I'm bushed. I need to rest some more before work.

Be seeing you.


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