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2010-01-14 - 5:55 p.m.

Okay, here I am. Why so late? Let me 'splain...


It had been warm the last couple afternoons, so I put the fan back in the window. Last night, the temperatures got down into the mid-40s. So I took the fan down.

Well I noticed that the screen had a nice six-inch-long slit in it. And when I touched the mesh, I could feel that it was no longer flexible. With a small amount of pressure, I poked a hole through the mesh.

I weighed the options (cat safety vs. cat falling) and decided to get the screen replaced. My landlord has an account at a window service place, so I made up my mind to call my landlord and have him call the window place and let them know I was coming.

So this morning, I woke up and called, leaving a message on the answering machine. Then, since it was still kinda early, I went back to sleep.

My landlord called a bit later, told me he was out of town, and said to go ahead and let them know that it was to go on his account. Okay, fine. I then rolled over and went back to sleep...and woke up at 1pm.


So I got going. I took out the screen and dropped it off. The window place agreed to put it on the account and promised it would be done today.

They also asked me if I wanted aluminum or fiber mesh. The aluminum was more durable, but the mesh would last longer. I weighed longer lasting versus a cat falling through the mesh and out of a second story window - and there was no contest.

So I started running errands and getting lunch. One of those errands was stopping off at the PO and picking up some things I'd ordered. I also went to my local pet supply place and got a collar and tag for Laila.

The screen was ready as promised. I came home and put the screen back in place. I then applied the collar to Laila. She's NOT thrilled.

At least I took the bell off the collar.


The California Air Resources Board wanted to put in place a regulation that subjects you to a fine and/or imprisonment if the tires on your car are under-inflated.

This is not a joke. You would have to take your car into a service station. If they offer to check your tires for free, you cannot refuse the service (you could refuse if there was a charge) UNLESS you had a certificate from ANOTHER station that showed your tires had been properly inflated within the last thirty days. If you didn't have it done, you had to promise that you would have it done in the next seven days...and you would have to take THAT certificate back in to the station where you refused the service in the first place.

I'm not kidding. You can't make this shit up.

Well, today was the first out of fifteen days of "public commentary". The complaints were so numerous and so angry that the fifteen-day commentary time was rescinded. The new version of this regulation has been posted, and the paperwork requirement has been removed.

And this is from an appointed board that cannot be voted out.


Was it really necessary for Pat Robertson to open his mouth?

No, it really wasn't. Suffice to say that, by opening his mouth, he has "removed all doubt".


Okay. I still have some things to do.

Be seeing you.


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