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2010-01-21 - 1:12 p.m.

Yesterday was interesting - and not in the good way.

Here was the original plan. Brin's flight was scheduled to arrive at 1:45. I was going to pick her up, get her to the apartment, drop her off, and go to work at 3pm. Real easy.

Except the weather decided to have fun with us.

First, her fight was delayed by about ninety minutes. So I called the GM with a proposal - I'd come in to work at 2 and leave when her flight was scheduled to arrive (Brin would ping to let me and John know when the flight was about to take off). I'd drop her off at the apartment and come back in. The GM said fine, but I could come in early to help make up my lost time.

Excellent. I did so.

When the time came, I drove through very heavy rain and got to the airport in time to see her plane land. I found her, got her to the apartment in a not-too-soaked state, and headed back to work.

I had been gone for almost two hours. But due to the rain, we'd had very few customers.

Then it gets better. I was coming back from our trash dumpster when I saw movement. It was something pretty big and gray...and headed my direction.

Then it rounded the corner. It was a raccoon - a big one. He was about the size of Solange and Laila put together with maybe a kitten grafted on.

He looked at me and started drifting towards the bushes so he could hide. As cute and roly-poly as he was, I knew that if he felt threatened enough he could chew me up and spit me out.

So I stopped...and reached for my cell phone to take a picture. That did it - he turned and loped off in the direction of the golf courses.

Hence, today's title.


The following is not a guilt trip type of question. I promise.

Have you contributed to the relief effort for Haiti?

If you have, you've done more than some folks around the world.


From the You Can't Make This Up Dept.:

Louisiana's legislature is going to introduce a bill that would make Obama's health care plan illegal in that state.

Gee, I wonder if Senator Landrieu will return the $300 million she received for voting in favor of Obama's plan.

Fat chance.


That's pretty much it. Despite the rain, Brin and I are going to try to make it over to HomeTown.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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