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2010-01-22 - 12:53 p.m.

Yesterday was a crash-and-burn day.

Brin and I started to get going, and then exhaustion struck. So we stayed here for a couple hours.

It was still raining when we headed out, so we did Denny's and walked around Brea Mall to get some exercise. We could've gone to the Park, but it would have closed about a half-hour after we'd gotten there. Plus, like I said, it was raining and cold out.

While we were at the mall, I dropped a quarter in a public scale. If that thing is accurate, I'm at 248 lbs. - which is the lowest I've been in YEARS.

On the way back, I noticed my wiper blades weren't doing the job. Ten minutes and $25 later, I have new blades.

So it was still a good day - just in different ways.


In the SURE, It's A Coincidence Dept.:

A Democrat senator is introducing a bill that would reduce the number of votes needed to break a filibuster from 60 to a mere majority.

The fact that this is happening right after Republican Scott Brown was elected is pure happenstance.

Yeah, right.

Of course, if this does go through that also means that Republicans can break a Democrat filibuster when the Republicans are in charge. And just watch Democrats bitch and complain when THAT happens.


Also, two Democrat senators are calling for an extension of the Bush tax cuts, saying it "runs the risk of curtailing economic expansion just when it begins to pick up and could lead to a ‘double dip’ recession".

One note - they want the tax cuts to be extended for "at least another two years". As in, for the rest of Obama's term.


Air America has declared bankruptcy, citing a "difficult economic environment" and that "[n]ational and local advertising revenues have fallen drastically".

Interesting - Rush Limbaugh seems to be doing just fine.

Mark Evanier, an avowed liberal, says that he believes it was the message Air America was sending and how they were sending it.

James Hudnall agrees here, also indicating that a financial scandal didn't do them any good.


A TSA employee planted a suspicious bag in a traveler's luggage...and then said "just kidding". This employee is now "no longer working for the agency".

You dumb fuck. It's bad enough that some people have to be embarrassed by a TSA screener pulling out underwear and other "unmentionables". But do even IMPLY that an innocent person may be a criminal as a "joke"? People get sued for that kind of bullshit.


Interesting thought - if Conan O'Brien worked on Wall Street, would President Obama be outraged at his $45 million buy-out?

I wonder if NBC got any stimulus money.


Well, since we never made it to HomeTown, we're going to try again today.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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