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2010-01-25 - 12:21 p.m.

Saturday morning I awoke to bright lights and odd "chirping" sounds that seemed familiar, yet not familiar.

Then I got it - after a week of rain, the sun had come out.


Brin and I made plans to go to the Park, and then discovered that some of the clothes she'd planned to wear had been in her damp suitcase for too long and had developed a(n un)healthy case of mildew. So Park plans went on hold until some laundry got done.

We did make it to California Adventure in time to do our usual Soarin'/Muppets/Monsters mix. We then trekked across the way to the Park in time to catch the fireworks and do Pirates and Haunted.

By then Brin was tired and my face had frozen, so we went home to rest and thaw.

Sunday, I came home from work and we just sheltered at home.

Oh, by the way...while we were at Disneyland on Saturday I tried the Penny Arcade scale again. This time it said 242...which is about fourteen pounds lighter than the last time I used it.

I gotta be doing SOMETHING right...


Brin, who is a far better photographer than I am, took some pictures of the cats (and one of me, but you can skip that one if you want).

I asked her to crop the first one to make a new picture for my entry page. You can see it on the left, where the donation button USED to be.

This is what all your funding went to. We all say thankya.


President Obama has endorsed legislation that will create an independent commission that will have the legal power to force Congress into voting on "major deficit reduction steps".

This is a good thing. Despite having yet ANOTHER "independent commission", it seems that Obama does understand that we need to reduce the deficit (IMHO, eliminating the health care bill will help tremendously).

One small problem - said independent commission will be created AFTER the November elections.

I guess the deficit is just fine where it is, for right now.


Osama bin Laden has claimed responsibility for the Christmas Day Crotchbomber.

Y'know, I could've sworn that I'd been told that all the terrorist attitudes were due to United States policies under George W. Bush, and that once we got Barack Obama in the White House everything would be fine. Either bin Laden didn't get the memo, or Obama hasn't has the chance to meet face-to-face with bin Laden yet.

Oh, and how long did this plan take to think up and execute? Less than a year? Or did its beginnings come about during the Bush administration? Well, if Obama's election was going truly going to stop terrorism then bin Laden could have simply called it off. Instead, it went forward.

So is everything still Bush's fault?


A California court has declared Roman Polanski must be present in court for sentencing, which is of course being appealed by Polanski's attorney.

Because if he's sentenced in absentia, how would the courts be sure he ever made it back to the States to serve his sentence?

And there's the title link.


Okay, I need to eat and get ready for work.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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