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Small Busted Women Have Big Hearts Too

2010-01-29 - 11:46 a.m.

We did make it to the Park for a brief time yesterday. We hung out for awhile and then left shortly after the parade.

Then we came home and caught Celeb Rehab.


This morning, Brin awoke me with the news that something had gone wrong with the litter box. It turned out that the receptacle was full. So I emptied it out and took it downstairs to the trash (YES, I got dressed first).

Since I was awake and Brin wanted to sleep some more, I took the recycling to the center and picked up the mail at the PO box. I got a not-totally-unexpected surprise in the mailbox - another jury summons, which I postponed until mid-September.

Then I grabbed some McDonald's for breakfast and came back home. Brin was awake, so we had our breakfast while doing our morning rounds.


Speaking of the postal service...

The USPS plans to put Mother Teresa on a stamp. No big deal, right? We are talking about one of the greatest humanitarians ever, yes?

Well, evidently the Foundation For Religious Freedom objects because Mother Teresa was a nun and, gee whiz, we can't have religious figures on stamps where it might offend someone.

Maybe the FFRF should check out what other religious figures are on stamps.


In an effort to stem pedophilia, Australia is banning porn materials containing small-busted "performers".

Not sure whether to cheer about bigger-busted models or shake my head at the silliness.

And there's the title link. Yes, it's a real song.


Onward into the day.

Have a good weekend.

Be seeing you.


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