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Pieces Of Glass

2010-02-08 - 12:20 p.m.


At last, at last - Monday.

Oh, what a weekend it has been.


First, Friday afternoon. It poured on Friday. Wind, rain - the whole thing.

Anyway, roommate Jim stopped by for a bit. As he was leaving, the wind blew the security screen door out of his hand. The screen door whipped around and - because there was no doorstop - sent the door handle through the screen in the living room window...and through the window itself.

It did not shatter into billions of pieces, but it did break rather spectacularly.

Jim and I taped up the shards still in the frame (so they would hopefully stay in place) and taped a trash bag over THAT to keep the elements out. I picked up the larger shards off the carpet and swept the sill (where the cats like to sit when it's sunny). I ran the vacuum over the carpet and put some cardboard down in case I missed any weensy pieces. Then I quickly showered and went to work.

Due to the rain, we closed early. I had fretted about the cats magically finding a piece with their paws, but thankfully there was no blood to be found anywhere.



Woke up at 8am (!) and called the glass-and-screen place that my landlords use. They told me that they could fix it in ten minutes if I brought it in. I taped two more trash bags together and used that to wrap around the window frame - that way, if any shards fell out during transport, they would stay with the window and not go into the car. I also ran the vacuum again to pick up any more weensy bits.

I got the window there at 9am and got breakfast while they worked. I picked up the repaired window, came home, and reinstalled it. Whew.

It was now about 1030. I went back to sleep for a bit.

Woke up again at around 1pm. It was a game day, and I had plans to play Pizza Box Football. See, the folks that make PBF issue special stat sheets for the two teams that are going to play in the Super Bowl. They are folks to play the game with those teams and e-mail them the predictions.

So I drove down to Irvine for the meet. Devi and I played, using the full "professional teams" rules and all the bells and whistles. Devi had the Saints, and I played the Colts.

The outcome? The Colts won, 38-25. Yeah, I know - the real game was nothing like that. But this was the day before.


But my night wasn't over yet.

At about 930pm, I get a text message from Jim. He had blown a tire and needed my help. We made arrangements for me to pick him up at the apartment and take him to his vehicle to meet with the tow truck driver (he was on his way to work when it happened, so he got a ride to work and then a ride to the apartment from work to take care of some business before going back to the breakdown site).

We met up at the apartment at about 1030pm. Jim called AAA for the pick-up (we figured 30min for the tow truck to get there, and we'd have our transport time also) and we headed out.

We were about a half-mile from the apartment when AAA called and told Jim that he would be there at about 1125pm. As in, about an hour.

We got to the breakdown site at about 1050 and settled in to wait.

They called again at 1115 to say it would be another hour. Jim gave me clearance to go, but I chose to stay and make sure the tow truck showed up. So we settled in to wait.

Still no tow truck at 1230am. Jim called - another half-hour.

At 130am the truck finally shows. They hook it up and I head home, grabbing a bite on the way.

I finally got to bed at about 230am.


Sunday. Work, and then home.

I had planned to go to the Park after the Super Bowl game, but I just couldn't get moving. I did however get out and get some dinner.


And now it's Monday.

Time to get going.

Be seeing you.


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