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2010-02-10 - 12:44 p.m.

This week is the Return Of The Schedule From Heck. They're gonna need me to work Saturday, so I took yesterday off.

Naturally, it rained some more.

I did have to go out into the weather to deal with some errands, including picking up some more LitterMaid receptacles. While I was there, I also picked up a new 12" deep skillet with a glass lid. I used it to make Rice-A-Roni to go with the S&B chicken.

How did the new pan work out? A little too well. The rice was supposed to cook for twenty-two to twenty-eight minutes, and it was done in eighteen.

What's likely to happen is, I'll use this big one for when I make dishes with lots of liquid, like Tuna Helper.

I still need to get another pan that has a nice big steam vent in the lid. I like my Ikea pan, but the vent is smaller than the diameter of a grain of rice and clogs WAY too easily.


I also did some laundry and watched the Doctor Who specials.

I admit it - I cheated and watched the regeneration scene first. That's the last scene in the last special.

First look at Matt Smith - well, second look. I saw the preview last month.

There'd been some screaming about Smith taking over the role, especially since David Tennant's Doctor is/was hugely popular.

But then, Peter Davison did pretty well when he took over for Tom Baker.

I think Smith will do just fine as the Eleventh Doctor.


Anyway, I then started watching the specials in order.

I saw through the first three...and then noticed it was 330am and 40 degrees.

Now THAT'S entertainment.


From the Beating A Dead Horse Dept.:

Hey - all the snow that's been dumped over the Midwest and in DC?

Guess what caused it.


Okay. Lunch and then work.

Be seeing you.


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