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2010-02-15 - 3:19 p.m.

Another scheduling weekend from heck.

We had a bunch of employees ask for the Valentine's weekend off, so we were short-handed all weekend. And we got slammed - hard.

After the usual Friday night shift, I came in and ran lasertag on Saturday. Everything went smoothly there.

Sunday. E-gad.

Usually we have five people when we open on Sundays. Yesterday we had three. I had scheduled myself to work an additional night shift to help cover the insanity.

So I had to do a swing shift because of the holiday.


It gets even better.

The film crew that was there on the fourth was scheduled to come back and work in the parking lot. I had agreed to be there to watch the building and help out if needed. I figured it would be another few hours.

The producer found me at about 830 and told me they would likely be there until 6am. So I'd be there for another eight hours beyond my shift.

I ordered a salad from our food service folk so I could eat later that night (I couldn't very well go to Carl's and eat). The time passed - slowly, but it did.

Shortly before 6am, the producer paid me and said they were almost finished packing up. At 6am, my GM came in. We talked for a bit before I headed to McDonald's to grab some breakfast and head home.

The cats met me at the door with threats to chew my toes off. I fed them before they could. Then I fed ME and fell down.


Now it's mid-afternoon. I've had about six hours of sleep and feel a little better.

And my wallet is least for a bit. I have plans for this money.


Yesterday I also learned about the passing of Doug Fieger, the guitarist / vocalist for The Knack, from cancer. He was 57.

When The Knack's first album came out, it was in the midst of the angry punk rock scene. Their music cheered me up. I really liked them, and endured some serious razzing for it. I still think their third album Round Trip has some of the best power pop out there. So under-appreciated. So good.

Today's title is the title song from their fourth album.

Thanks for the music, Doug.


And on that seeing you.


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