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You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

2010-03-04 - 12:46 p.m.

Got my meds last night. All well.


Talked to Bob. My tax papers are ready...which is a good thing, since my appointment is tomorrow.

Speaking of doing taxes, a guy from H&R Block came in to my work, wanting to leave some business cards so our employees could take advantage of their services.

Just out of curiosity, I asked what they would charge for my return (1040, 10-99MISC, Schedule C). The price he quoted would have been 10-35% more than I paid last year to my tax guy.

And what they charge for doing a 1040EZ (which is all most of our employees would need) was about 20% more than buying TurboTax.

I'll stick with the guy I have, thanks.


They had been calling for rain last night. It finally started drizzling when I was on my way to the pharmacy.

By the time I got home, it was starting to come down harder.

This morning, the sun is out but it's cold - 59 degrees at 1230pm.


I don't know if I posted this, but I'm going to again...if I did it before.

Hey Brin - you know those times you had your Mac Guy take apart your laptop and remove all the Crumbly Crunchies from the keyboard?

You ain't seen nothing yet.


Speaking of Macs (and Apple products in general)...

Richard Stevens, author of the Diesel Sweeties webcomic, tweeted thusly:

My iphone thinks its shit don't sync.



Well, I have lots of things to do today including the PO, Target for wet kitteh food, and Bob's for my tax papers.

Oh, and lunch in there somewhere.

Onward into the cold.

Be seeing you.


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Brin aka Bindyree - 2010-03-04 20:51:41 -


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