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2010-03-11 - 12:25 p.m.

I bought the Doctor Who series 2 from a seller on that was described as being in "excellent" condition.

Maybe it used to be. It was shipped without any packing material, and a couple of the DVD trays broke. I e-mailed the company, and they told me it was the only one they had so they can't exchange the case.

So I'm looking for the plastic digi-trays that hold two DVDs in one tray. Brin directed me to a source but they don't have the type I need.

If anyone knows of a source, let me know please.


UPDATE: Found them on eBay. I had to buy 100, but I'll try to sell the excess...probably on eBay.


Oh, and I lost my bluetooth somewhere at work.

I usually leave it in the supervisor's office when I'm working. Well, sometime Monday it vanished.

So I went back to and bought a new one - and it shipped today. I should be wired again by Wednesday or so.


Due to customer demand, Disney is now selling a special annual pass that gives you access to all the parks in California AND in Florida.

Cost: $700 each.


From Hud's blog comes this item - a Brooklyn assemblyman to ban salt in restaurant cooking - a ban on using salt in any form. A chefs groups responds here.

Never mind that salt is a preservative and helps improve the flavor of food and is something our bodies need. If a place over-salts the food, people aren't going to want to eat there. Shouldn't it be the person's choice where they want to eat and where to get that food?


Well, I'm working today. So I gotta get going so I can get something to eat.

Be seeing you.


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