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Danger Zone

2010-03-17 - 12:42 p.m.

I will admit to being nervous about going to work today.

Working with the same boss for eighteen years has put me in something of a comfort zone, and now that's gone.

So all I can do is prove my expertise every day to a new manager.


Thomas Sowell writes here about some of the talking points about the health-care bill and how some are bullshit.

And over here the Wall Street Journal talks about a tax hike if this passes. But then, it's only a tax on those who make more than $250, know, "the rich" who don't pay their "fair share". Oh wait, they pay much more.


You know the snowstorm in the northeast last week?

Al Gore knows what caused it. Can you guess?


Okay. Out of the comfort zone, into the danger zone.

Be seeing you.


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