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2010-04-08 - 11:12 a.m.

I've been wanting to tell you all about Brin's birthday present. Now that she's got it, the entire story can be told.


As most of you probably know, Brin is a huge fan of the sport of curling. I have occasionally caught matches with her when they happen to be broadcast on the same cable network. This is especially true for the Olympic coverage.

Anyway, I went to the entry in Wikipedia to learn a bit more about it. Through the Wiki entry I discovered that Kays Of Scotland has exclusive rights to manufacture curling stones for the Olympic games.

I checked out their site and found...a gift store. A gift store that sold...miniature curling stones. Made of the same granite that is used for the Olympic stones. And they could be...personalized.

Lightbulb. Wouldn't that be the coolest gift for her birthday?

Small problem - their online store was down. They were only taking orders through e-mail.

So I fired off an e-mail. They responded with ordering information. I filled out the form and personalizing instructions and e-mailed it back.


Four days went by. No answer.

I pinged. Still no reply.

Now it was two weeks prior to Brin's arrival. I had requested airmail so it would get here before she did. I pinged again, trying not to panic.

This time, I got a reply - the job was done, it was on its way.

Four more days went by...and it showed up. I opened the package and checked. It was perfect - about 2 1/2in across, with Brin's name and this year's birthday engraved on the handle. (That was my last worry - if there had been a mistake in the personalization I would have had to work fast to get it dealt with.)

I stashed it, Tweeted a couple of "bwah hah hahs", and waited for Brin's visit.


She arrived on April 1. Her birthday was on April 7.

By 8pm on April 6 I couldn't wait anymore. I handed her the box.

She saw the Kays Of Scotland logo on it, said "omiGAWD" about four times, and opened the box. Hilarity ensued.

So that's the tale.


There are times when you come across something that you just KNOW someone will like/love. I've found gifts for my folks, my ex, my friends...just things that scream "buy me for Whoever".

I'm never gonna be able to top this. Never in the history of ever.

And that's fine by me.


Okay. We need to get some lunch and run some errands.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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