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Roadkill Christmas

2010-04-09 - 12:42 p.m.

Forgot to mention something.

Last Wednesday, I had dropped Brin off at the local Supercuts so she could get her haircut tuned. As I was leaving to do my own errands, two young idiots in martial arts gis darted between two parked cars - right in front of me. I came about five feet from killing them.

I stopped and waved across their dad and a little girl, who (wisely) had decided to wait until I had passed.

I rolled down my passenger-side window and called out to the young boys: "Cuidado, senores!!" ("Careful, gentlemen!!" [Yes, I was nice about it - I could have probably called them "estupidos" but I chose not to]).

The dad promptly turned to the boys and yelled, "SEE??" So he must have told them to wait, and they chose not to.

While I was running my errands, I decided to call my step-dad and thank him for teaching me to be such a careful alert driver. I think I made his day.

I know he made the day for those kids.


Yesterday Brin and I went to watch the Angels play their last game in a series against the Twins. We got our asses kicked, 10-1.

Roommate Jim had a couple extra tickets in his season ticket package, so we got to sit in the Really Good seats next to the broadcast booths. The seats were so good that three foul balls went into our area. I didn't get any of them. Oh well.

But we did get little plastic busts commemorating Mike Scioscia being voted AL Manager Of The Year.


Before we went to the game, the local ice cream truck was making its rounds.

It was playing "Deck The Halls".

I turned to Brin: "It IS still April, right??"

Then it switched to "La Cucaracha"...which was a bit more appropriate, considering my neighborhood.

Then it switched to "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer".



Because of the first item and the ice cream truck tunes, you get today's title.

It's a real song. Don't believe me? Here's the video.

Toldja it was real.


Okay. I have work this afternoon and a busy weekend ahead of me. Some schools are finishing up their Spring Breaks this week, so we'll be busy at work.

Anybody ELSE remember when it was called Easter Break and ALL the schools had the same week off?

Anyway...have a good weekend, gang.

Be seeing you.


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