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Cat's Eyes

2010-04-23 - 12:52 p.m.

Okay, first things first.

Took Solange to the vet for her check-up. Dr. Sahai wasn't there, but his new associate Dr. Sun checked her out. The basics are just fine - she's in good health, no fleas, no other basic health problems.

Then came time to check the eye. Most of the news is good - both eyes (including the troubled one) are clear and responsive to light. The troubled one has no scratches or any damage. After numbing it Dr. Sun swabbed the eye but didn't find any particle that might have irritated it. There's no actual damage to the eye - no scratches or anything.

I got some eye drops that I get to dispense four times a day into Solange's eye. I gave her one just before I went to the Angels game and one when I got home...and one when we woke up this morning. I get to do this for two weeks.

This morning the eye looks better - it's opened a bit further and not weepy at all. So we have good kitteh news.


Then there was the Angels game.

There had been some weather concerns. I decided to get the ticket for Thursday's game on Monday afternoon, so I swung by the stadium after work and got one in "my" section. Then I went home...and found out that was calling for rain for Wednesday and Thursday. Lovely.

It rained some on Tuesday and Wednesday, but not enough to stop the games that were played on those days. Rain was still being called for on Thursday.

Thursday morning dawned sunny but cold. was still calling for rain until 9pm.

I realized early that I hadn't eaten in a long enough period that I could do my fasting blood draw. So I did that and grabbed some barbecue to build my blood back up.

It drizzled some during the trip to and from the vet, but it did finally clear up in time for the game. I was planning to do my walk-and-ride, but the weather changed my mind - I drove and parked.

It was a good game (we lost 5-4) but it got cold and stayed cold. It was 52 degrees when I got home.

I fed the kittehs (and gave Solange her eye drop) and would up crashing a bit earlier than usual.


A lingerie ad has been deemed "too hot" for the audiences of Dancing With The Stars and American Idol...and it's NOT from someplace like Victoria's Secret. Actually, the VS ad was approved for those programs.

What lingerie company could make an ad "hotter" than VS? You won't believe it.


Okay. Things to do and work to be done.

Be back on Monday. Yes, really.

Be seeing you.


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