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Treading Water

2010-05-06 - 1:06 a.m.

Early post today. I've got lots of shit-to-dos, so I'm posting this early and then sacking out shortly after.


Yesterday I went out to run some errands...and I came across Blackjack and two of her kittens laying in my back yard.

Blackjack immediately took a defensive posture despite my "soothing" tones - she was going to protect her kids and wasn't falling for the "harmless human" bit. The kittens (one white and one gray) seemed interested, but then got frightened when I got too close.

Now, I had put out a bowl of water for the local strays. So I put fresh water in it and took it to them. They came over and inspected it and then drank.

Later that evening, I lined a box with a frayed Disneyland shirt and put it out there for them. Still later, I saw Blackjack poke her head out of the box - I was pretty sure the kittens were in there with her, but I decided not to disturb them.

I know...I'm a softie.


The Angels lost to the Red Sox again, 3-1.

This is gonna be a long season.


So. The funk is hitting. And yet again, it's financial. But it's not really in a BAD way.

See, work is okay. I'm picking up some more hours...which means more money. I now have a credit card. I'm actually getting into better financial shape.

And I'm...nervous.

Every time I seem to be climbing out of a monetary hole, something hits and I get knocked back into debt. So now things are getting better...and I'm waiting for that shoe to hit me in the face.

Because that's what's always happened before.

A song by one of my favorite bands has been running through my head for a couple days now. I used it for today's title. Here are the lyrics (emphasis mine):

Every night, you're in no-man's land
It's all right, you do the best you can
Time fights us all

It's so hard to hit the bottom when you used to see the top
But it's easy treading water when you can't survive the drop
And it's all right (treading water)
Yes, it's all right (treading water)

Every day, it's the same old line
That's okay, you're doing fine

All the problems keep on coming when you thought that they would stop
You don't like the life you're living, but it's everything you've got
And it's all right (treading water)
Yes, it's all right (treading water)

It's so hard to hit the bottom when you used to see the top
But it's easy treading water when you can't survive the drop
And it's all right (treading water)
Yes, it's all right (treading water)

Any day now, your ship is coming in
The clouds roll out, the sun shines in
You believe it's gonna happen, so you've gone and made some plans
But you can't be sure it's coming till you hold it in your hands

But it's all right (treading water)
Yes, it's all right (treading water)
Yeah yeah, it's all right (treading water)
It's all right (treading water)
Retaw gnidaert, retaw gnidaert
Yes, it's all right (treading water)
Yes, it's all right (treading water)

See what I mean?


Okay, I need to get to bed.

Be seeing you.


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