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Flying The Flag

2010-05-07 - 11:47 a.m.

Yesterday I took a trip down-state to visit the parents.

After about a half-hour of pleasantries, my stepdad put me to work - they had recently switched over to DirectTV and he was having problems hooking up a set of components. Since I'm the tech expert in the family, I got to figure out what was wrong.

Turns out there was one improper cable and one bad connection. Sixty minutes and one cable purchase later, everything was up and running...and most of the sixty minutes was driving to the not-so-local Radio Shack to get the cable.

Then I got to teach them how to use the camera function on their cell phones, and how to send photos to their respective e-mails (fortunately, the menus on their LG phones are very very similar to my Motorola).

Then came dinner and an interesting request from my stepdad: "Tell us what the story is behind Doctor Who."

It turns out that they had recorded a bunch of episodes when BBC-A ran a marathon, including David Tennant and Matt Smith eps.

So during dinner at The Elephant Bar I got to explain a bunch of Doctor facts and explained about the Daleks. They were especially interested in the Doctor's ability to regenerate and about the Time War.

I think it would be cool if my parents get corrupted converted and become Whovians.


And while we were at dinner, the Angels / Red Sox game was on one of the TVs in the bar. The Angels were leading (at the time) 4-2.

When the game was over, they had lost 11-6.

This is gonna be a long season.


Anyway, back to the visit.

Then once back at the house, I taught them how to play Escalation, which they enjoyed so much they took my copy and gave me some money to buy a new one (there really isn't a game store in their area). Then my mom crashed, so I played a couple games of YINSH with Bill until we both decided to call it a night.

Then I drove home after promising to come back sooner. We're planning another visit sometime in June.

I'll bring some more games.


Comedy Central has decided to become "edgy" developing a new animated series about Jesus Christ.

Again, they are willing to make fun of Jesus, but they cave at showing Mohammed...which makes sense, since offended Christians don't kill you for insulting Jesus.


Good for this mom.

This is still America. Her son did nothing wrong.

And there's your title link.

Interesting question: if showing the American flag on Cinco De Mayo could be considered a "provocative act", was the school flying the American flag?


I think the "birthers" are wrong, but this cartoon is spot-on.

I bought something with a credit card at Disneyland, and was asked to show my ID - my "papers", if you will. And this is in California.

Where's the outrage?


Okay. Got things to do before I go in to work.

Have a good weekend.

Be seeing you.


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