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Don't Come Around Here No More

2010-05-12 - 1:09 p.m.

It's been a weekend of kitteh drama.

Remember Solange's eye problems? Well, it spread to her LEFT eye.

I talked to Dr. Sun, who told me to start administering the drops to her left eye, with one drop per day going to the right eye.

I also think I know what may have caused it - I had switched cat litters. They were the same brand, but different "flavors". So I emptied the box and cleaned the crap out of it (pun intended). Then I refilled it with the original "flavor" of litter. Let's see if that solves it.

There's also Blackjack, who is definitely sick with runny eyes and sneezing. Solange may have picked it up through the screen door.

We'll see how it all plays out.


This morning I got to take the kittehs to the vet for immunizations. Even with the shot clinic prices, it was over $100 for all the shots for both kittehs.

Dr. Sahai confirmed that the eye problem migration happens - a kind of "sympathetic" reaction. He also said that he would give a free exam to any neighborhood stray I brought in, whether I would keep them or not. This is the kind of vet I have.

There's no way I can take Blackjack into this house, and I can't afford to treat her. But it's nice to know that I have that option.


The Los Angeles City Council voted today to boycott Arizona because of that state's new anti-immigration law.

I guess that means the Lakers won't be traveling to Phoenix to play the Suns in the next round of the basketball playoffs...which also means all those Laker fans from LA who have already bought tickets are SOL.


One other thing.

Cities such as LA and SF are calling for a boycott of Arizona.

A great deal of out electrical power comes from plants in AZ. And the state wants to build another transmission line to get even more.

What's to stop a planning commission from blocking the building of the power line because those cities are boycotting the state?


Okay. I have lots to do and there's a baseball game this afternoon.

Be seeing you.


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