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A Couple Of Words

2010-05-21 - 12:03 p.m.

No posts this last week. So I figured some words are in order. Sorry about that.

So here are some highlights from this last week...


I picked up Brin from the airport Tuesday evening, and we've spent the better part of my days off running errands and Getting Stuff Done...much of said Stuff quite boring.

There have been a couple visits to the post office - Brin purchased a bass guitar and had it shipped to me, so she could practice during her visits - but nothing has been waiting for us.

Today - more errands. And later tonight, a performance at The Other Place...which hopefully will turn into another regular gig.


Blackjack and her kittens have been visiting me at my back porch.

One kitten is grey and the other is white, leading me to name them Grey Mouser and (at my neighbor's suggestion) Q-Tip.

While Blackjack is more than willing to eat the cat food I dispense, she's still skittish and wants nothing in the way of affection. The kittens, on the other hand, will lay still for stroking provided I can sneak up on them when they are napping.

Mouser has been his mommy's defender. Whenever Socks gets too close to the food, Mouser stalks and growls.

Laila and Solange have been nose-to-nose with them through the screen. They seem to have accepted each other.


Last night we had a private group at work - about six hundred of them. I got to run over two hundred people through laser tag in the space of about three hours. Whee.

The fun part was when I checked in on the Angels game. At 6:30: "Currently, the Angels are leading the White Sox 6-1 in the top of the 6th!"

At 7:30: "Currently, the Angels are beating the White Sox 6-1 in the bottom of the 8th!"

At 8:30: "Earlier today, the Angels held off the White Sox 6-5!" What happened??

I guess I'll find out when I crack open the paper.


So, even more errands today. These will include a trip to the PO, the game store, and the pharmacy.

Oh, and lunch in there somewhere, too.

Be seeing you.


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