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Like A Virgin (Islands)

2010-05-28 - 12:34 p.m.

First off, we note in this space the passing of Gary Coleman.

I met Coleman once. Back in the 1980s, there was a company called Photon that had created the first lasertag arenas, and one of the first they opened was in Fountain Valley. I was one of the semi-regulars there - I didn't always have the $3.50 for the 6 1/2 minute game, but I played when I could.

Anyway, Coleman occasionally played there and we wound up on the same team one night. I asked what he was doing since the show, and he said he was keeping busy. I told him that I tended to pay more attention to Dana Plato than to him, which make him laugh. After the game, he congratulated me on my play (I got lucky and had the highest score on my team) and headed out.

Coleman seemed like a nice enough guy. He had his troubles, probably more than his share. He will be missed.


No post yesterday. Brin and I chose to get up at the crack of dawn to eat breakfast at River Belle again. This time, we also made it across the way for the Soarin' / Muppets / Monsters Inc. trifecta. Then we came home, took a power nap, and went back for the Pirates / Mansion / Buzz Lightyear trifecta.

Then we sat down for a Mickey pretzel and a soda and a coffee for me. Now, I like to get rid of my teeny change and get quarters (hey, the laundry money has to come from somewhere). The total for everything was $8.84, so I handed the guy a total of $20.09 (this would give me $11.25 back).

My quarter was one of the territory ones - specifically, the Virgin Islands quarter, which is one that I didn't have.

Now I only need the Guam quarter and I'll have them all. No wait, there's five more coming out this year and five more NEXT year.

Oh well - I'll keep my eyes open.


A two-pack-a-day cigarette habit is common enough, I guess.

But not at this age.


Okay. Brin and I are going to HomeTown Buffet, then I have to go to work. There will be a few more trips to the Park this weekend, and lots of work for me.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend, everyone - and remember what the day is for.

Be seeing you.


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