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Red Lights

2010-06-23 - 2:10 p.m.

Life has, in turn, been dull and insane...mostly dull.

I really haven't had the energy or the interest to post - matter of fact, I've considered suspending the blog indefinitely.

So...I dunno. Posts will be even more sporadic that usual.

We're all okay here at Chez Too Old.


Lasertag took a major dump over this last weekend, with not one but TWO major parts dying.

Replacements have been shipped and SHOULD show up today. So even on my day off, I may will have to go in to work.

Ah well. I'll get paid and I'll make points with Jason.


Amidst all the hoopla and boycotts of Arizona, the Los Angeles City Council - who also passed a major resolution to boycott - has voted to make an exemption so they can extend a contract with a Scottsdale business.

That business operates red-light camera in the city. So it's all about the money.


Oh, there's also a court case winding through the appeals court that says tickets due to a red-light camera are illegal because the camera photo is hearsay - the police officer didn't see the "crime" take place firsthand (matter of fact, there's no firsthand witness at all). If you sent the police a picture of a crime, it can't be used as evidence unless you are willing to testify to its authenticity. In this case, there's no one to testify - that's not direct evidence, the case argues.

So the cameras may become moot.


Also Arizona related:

Police officers in the border city of Nogales ("Spanish for 'Green Bay' ") are receiving death threats from a Mexican drug cartel. The cartel says any off-duty officers who interfere with cartel business will be targeted for death. The cartel looks at on-duty uniformed officers as part of "doing business", and even respects those officers. But if the officers are off-duty and out of uniform, they are supposed to "mind their own business" like any other "civilian".

This is what Arizona is dealing with. This is what the boycott is protesting.


Okay, enough.

Be seeing you...eventually.


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Brin aka Bindyree - 2010-06-23 23:27:29 -
Old Buddy, you do as little or as much as you want with this diary, dear! We enjoy reading about you and will understand if scheduling time for it eludes you. Hang in there! And give love to the kittehs for me please.


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