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2010-08-04 - 12:03 p.m.

Good grief. Has it been a month?


Most of my life has been the usual - work, work, sleep, baseball, work, lather, rinse, repeat.

The maintenance guys painted our back porch and stairs. So we couldn't use them for a few days until the paint had thoroughly dried. Of course, Socks and Tiger didn't care if it was completely dry - they just stayed away until the chemical smell was gone.

Speaking of smells, the schoolyard is a nice uniform green color now...much better than the brown of the manure.


Last week, I noticed that my coolant had turned a nice shade of brown and had started to become the consistency of thin mud. So I took it to the dealer for a flush and an oil change.

The dealer told me that the intake manifold gasket was leaking, so a flush would simply cause all the new coolant to leak out. The serpentine belt was also cracking and needed to be replaced.

Cost for the whole job: about $900. I arranged for a loan and went back the next day.

When I picked it up, the LOW COOLANT SENSOR came on as I was driving it home. I immediately turned around and took it back. They checked it and the coolant levels were fine. The service guy said that it was likely the sensor itself. Unfortunately, all the mechanics had gone home for the day.

So I brought it back the NEXT day. They replaced the sensor at no charge, which I appreciated a great deal.

But you folks know me. If there's one thing I'd really rather not do on my days off, it's get up at 630am to be at the dealership when they open at 730.

And I did this three days in a row.


Finally sat down and watched Up last night.

Excellent movie. And yes, I cried during the first five minutes.


Speaking of movies...

Do. NOT. Want.

No. Just...NO.


The Angels haven't been doing too well. The last several games have had a pattern to them: the Angels get the lead in the first few innings, and then the bullpen gives up at least one home run (and the lead).

Right now the Angels are eight games behind the Rangers in their division.

It doesn't look good, gang.


So, today.

I don't know what I'm gonna do. There's baseball this afternoon, but before then? I dunno.

Maybe I'll clean the apartment some. Maybe I'll watch another movie. Maybe I'll go for a drive.

Maybe I'll lie down for awhile.

Be seeing you.

No, really.


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