Bob - 2006-11-23 11:34:32 -
And if I'd like to see the United States under Christian rule, with all that implies, how is that different from imposing Shari'a? Why did six Muslims have to sit together, and shouldn't it be self-evident if these gentlemen needed or did not need a seat belt extension? (What's that got to do with anything, anyway? Is it useful as a weapon? Gotta make room for the IED shoved down your pants?) As for protesting, how often do we see regular Christians protesting nutjobs like Fred Phelps or Pat Robertson & Jerry Falwell? If this claim is to be debunked, then it would have to be established that Ibrahim or one of the others encouraged/insisted that they pray in public at the airport (anyone know if it was actually time for evening prayers?).


Dave - 2006-11-23 13:21:24 -
Well, Bob - if Christians were killing non-Christians at the slightest insult to Jesus (and if they were, we would have seen a lot of bloodshed after "Pisschrist"), then that would be a valid statement. If Phelps or Robertson or Falwell were advocating a religion that says "kill all non-believers or tax them", then that would be a valid statement (yes they are nutjobs, but most mainstream Christians I know - and there's quite a few of them - know utter stupidity when they see it). Could a seatbelt extension be used as a weapon? Maybe - perhaps like a garotte? Yes, I know - Christians DID kill non-believers. But that ended quite a long time ago. In the here and now, the Muslim extremeists want to impose their law by killing "infidels". They aren't witnessing and saying how their lives have changed for the better by converting. They have kidnapped people and beheaded them, kidnapped others and forced them to convert, and they hijacked planes and killed 3000 innocent people...all in the name of Allah. I don't see any news reports about Christians going out and killing non-believers in the name of Jesus in as public a forum or as violent a way as we have seen Islamic extremeists do in the last several years.


Brin - 2006-11-23 13:51:08 -
The thing I think people constantly fail to take into account is the psychology of conditioning. If male Arab-Muslim extremists between the ages of 17 and 40 keep causing problems and killing people, then guess what? We are being conditioned by their actions to be fearful of them, and that's not politics or religion, that's just human nature -- which at times, is something difficult to overcome.


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