Requiel - 2007-02-23 15:01:39 -
I think it's very possible that Britt has PPD. I had a little baby blues with my first but nothing after that. I know it can hit you weeks after and you are too depressed to even realize it at the time. Along with Rehab I think she needs a shrink.


Laura - 2007-02-23 16:33:06 -
I don't have I haven't experienced PPD. My theory was it may have been her husband was the constant in her life that accepted her the way she was,and for some reason,it didn't work out and caused for her focus to shift from the marriage to making the pain go away. What if she is bipolar/manic?? Maybe a combination. I would have focused on the kids.


artgnome - 2007-02-23 17:22:51 -
here's my take: <br></br> she could have Post-partum, but I think that's only one car in the train wreck that is Britney Spears. I chalk the rest up to: <br></br> 1) bad parenting - working too young, growing up too soon, having Madonna for a role model. She sees herself as merchandise, a marketable sexual object and not a person. Parents that don't teach their children better values than this are the cause of many kids gone bad. <br></br> 2) celebrity - spoiled, spoiled, spoiled and made to think she really IS all that by a bunch of "yes" people that she knows deep down don't care about her but are making money off of her. <br></br> 3) she doesn't handle breakups well, she never has. I still don't think she's even over Timberlake, let alone K-fed. <br></br> I do see issues with depression here and self-loathing. Cutting off the hair and impulsive tattooing was a big red flag of that. She's punishing herself for not being perfect, for failing in her relationships, and for God knows what else. She needs rehab, therapy, and the time to get to know herself as a person and where she fits into this world without the celebrity status.


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