Smed - 2007-10-29 15:48:35 -
I'd much rather have my tax dollars pay for that, pay for SCHIP, pay for Education, pay for science and the arts and culture, pay for things that HELP people instead of pork barrel earmarks, not to mention a ghastly and devastating war that was the result of inept foreign policy. And if you can't pay people a living wage, then you shouldn't be in business.


Dave - 2007-10-29 16:15:39 -
A "living" wage is only that if prices DON'T GO UP. That's why it's such a joke - prices rise with the wage. Besides, 28% of MY hourly wage is taken out in taxes and my 401k before I ever see it. So $9.50/hr gross is $6.84/hr net. So why stop there? Wouldn't $20/hr be even better?<br><br>"Living wage" is also a misnomer, because what I make here in CA would be a living wage in, say, Alabama or Oklahoma. Since state tax rates vary widely (Nevada has no state income tax, for example) and state sales taxes vary (and are even applied differently), a federally mandated minimum wage is inherently unequal...unless you change the tax structure completely and install a flat tax. Like <i>THAT</i> will ever happen. The government likes our money too much.


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