Brin - 2008-04-16 15:33:44 -
Starving people to death notwithstanding, the other principal problem with biofuel production at least here in the US is that it generates more pollution than it's going to save. Most of the biofuel production facilities here are being run on *charcoal*.


Wyndspirit - 2008-04-16 19:32:50 -
I say use the oil we already have to break the dependency on foreign oil. What good is it to keep our country "pristine" if we end up being owned by Iran (or China, but that's another vent) anyway? Use what we already have while we work on further developing truly "clean" resources like wind energy. (I live in ND, but I detest ethanol.) My family comes from the area of the Bakken formation, and I was up there last weekend. Most people there are all for the drilling; the only worries I heard was about keeping track of who owned mineral rights on the various properties.


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