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2006-05-06 - 2:08 a.m.

YES, I know how late it is. I play drums with a bar band, remember?

If you don't remember, go read Bindyree. You'll find pictures and everything.


So I get to the bar this evening, and I can't find my stuffed Animal.

Yes, Animal. Capitalized. Remember Animal, the drummer for Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem? [If not, look to the lower left of this very page. Then come back. I'll wait...back now? Good.] I won a stuffed Animal at the OC Fair a few years ago, and I've put him on my drums every gig for the last few years. Even when we played a local public-access TV show, he sat there. He's my mascot.

Well, he's gone. Not in my trunk.

Two options here. One, when I moved some things earlier in the week I took him out and left him with the boxes. Two, he's vaporized.

So I mentioned this to Brin. In two minutes, she found another one on eBay. I logged in, linked to it, and bought it.

Which of course means I'll find the original with the boxes. That's how this works. But it was still good of her to do the search-and-locate. Thanks, Brin, for going above and beyond the call.


Well, I have to be awake in less than five hours so I can go to work. Be seeing you.


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