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Never Surrender

2010-09-10 - 2:42 p.m.

It's been a month since my last post.


August 2010 sucked.

First, Angie Kern passes.

Then Brin's father-in-law commits suicide.

I get hit with yet another financial blow when my car battery dies.

Then, as the icing on the shit-cake, it looks like there will be another financial blow that I (hopefully) can deflect for awhile.

August 2010 sucked donkey balls.


September has started out marginally better.

Last Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment that caused me more trepidation than usual.

I had started forgetting things.

Little things, like not putting the trash can out to the curb...for a month. Fortunately, roommate Jim and I don't generate much trash.

Little things, like leaving dishes in the sink for days.

So I went. My doctor gave me a couple tests and determined that I was NOT suffering from dementia. It seems to be life-stress in general...which makes sense, considering my automotive monetary problems and how bad last month was. Did I mention that August 2010 sucked?

So I may go in for some counseling. We'll see...because each session will have a co-pay, and that will just add to my financial stress, which will require more sessions...


Now, over to the Dave Kern story. He's much better.

For the first couple weeks, he was a wreck...which was to be expected. Son William and his wife CJ came home, and there was much crying and much sorrow.

Then there was one particularly bad bad night that we all helped Dave through. After that, Dave has seemed to come out the other side. He's back at work now, and doing as well as can be expected. Bob and I visited last night, and we did some laughing and some talking.

Life continues for all of us.


A word on Pastor Jerry Jones and his plans to burn multiple copies of the Koran.

Jones absolutely has the right to burn the Koran. If they were purchased for this purpose or given willingly for whatever reason, then they belong to Jones and he can do whatever he wishes with them...kind of like how it's perfectly legal to build a mosque within five blocks of Ground Zero.

They have the right to do these things. That doesn't make their actions MORAL...or smart.

Also - ever notice how people will not care about offending the sensibilities of Christians, but will go out of their way to avoid offending Muslims? I never heard anyone say, "Don't put that crucifix in urine - the Christians will get upset and start rioting and beheading people!" Or, "Don't sculpt Jesus out of feces - Christians will get mad and start killing innocents!"

Just a thought.


Tomorrow is the ninth anniversary of the murder of three thousand innocent people.

Never forget. Never surrender.

Be seeing you. Really.


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artgnome - 2010-09-11 14:11:36 -
So sorry you have been going through difficult times. I will be lifting you and Brin and Dave up in prayer. I hope the upswing comes very soon.


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