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There's Gonna Be Fireworks

2006-07-04 - 10:25 a.m.

Firstly, happy Fourth Of July, everyone. Hope you get to see some fireworks and have some barbeque. Please be safe and don't drink and drive...there are people who want you around for a good long time. The title today IS a song title. I'm trying to keep this up as long as I can. Heh.

Now, then...sorry to be gone so long. Hope some of you missed me.

Our own Bindyree was down here visiting me, and between work and the visit I had enough happening.

As she also pointed out, there was a heat wave through Orange County, with temperatures in the high 90s to low 100s. At one point I got into my car, and the onboard thermometer said it was 111 degrees.

So between the heat, work, and the visit...I was just too darn busy, hot, and sweaty to post.


While picking up trash outside at work last night, I saw two spiderwebs built between two trees on the golf course. The webs were strung ACROSS the walkway, at face level.

All I could think of was an old Far Side cartoon. Two spiders have built a web across the bottom of a playground slide. One spider is saying to the other, "I'm telling ya - if this works, we're gonna live like kings!"


I will be working today, starting at 4pm. But the Angels play the Mariners, and the game starts at 1:10pm. If I'm lucky, I can watch the entirety of the game before I have to go to work.

Because of my work schedule, I don't get to watch many games, nor do I get to listen to them on the radio. So it's a treat to be able to do so.

As of Right Now, Orlando Cabrera has reached base safely in 60 straight games. The record is 84, by Ted Williams. If Cabrera breaks the record, it should happen sometime this month.

There was a lot of screaming when the Angels traded the beloved David Eckstein and brought Cabrera in. I was one of those screamers, but now I'd say it's been worth it.

That's why I'm not the GM of the Angels.


Just now, a woman won the Clock Game on The Price Is Right.

When she started, she was spitting out bids so fast that host Bob Barker couldn't keep up. He actually stopped the game and told her to wait for his replies. She continued to play, and won the first prize. She had ten seconds to win the second prize and the $1000 bonus.

The price of the second prize was $889. She started guessing: $980. $970. $960. And so on.

With one second left, she made it to $900. As the out-of-time buzzer was going off, she actually said $889!!!

So she DID win the second prize and the $1000. But DAMN, what a close one.

And then she won another $1000 on the Big Wheel.

If The Price Is Right turns out to be the most exciting thing I do today, I'll still be happy.


Be safe and sane. If you play with fireworks, be careful and keep all your digits.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Brin - 2006-07-05 02:47:17 -
Happy Fourth, my dear friend. And thanks for letting me visit!


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