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2007-02-19 - 1:50 a.m.

Wow, a really early post. But that's how it happens.

What's goin' on? Well, the weekend got a little crazy. I finally heard news about Suzanne - and it's good and not-so-good. She came through the surgery with flying colors, was able to talk with Rex (her husband) coherently on Saturday, and seems to be recovering nicely. It seems they got all of the tumor, and it was in a "silent" (as in, unused - no jokes, gang) portion of her brain. The surgery was Friday, and on Sunday - SUNDAY, friends and neighbors - she was up and walking on her own and the bandages were off!

The not-so-good is that sometimes this kind of cancer comes back - it's a convex meningioma - and the doctor deduces that it may happen to Suzanne. There will be yearly MRIs for about five years, dropping to biannual after that and (possibly) free and clear by then. Maybe.

If Rex gives clearance, I'll give more info. Know that he is grateful for all of the prayers and e-mails he's received in support of him and Suzanne.

As am I.


Saturday night I went to Dave Kern's for a farewell party for his son, William. The boy is going BACK to Iraq for a four-year tour. His parents are naturally worried for him. But being a soldier is something he's wanted to be all his life - and I've known him for almost twenty years now.

Yes, it's scary for all of us. But William is doing what he loves - and what he WANTS to do.


Sunday I stayed late at work and considered going to Disneyland. The clouds overhead and the cold wind, however, told me it would be raining very soon. I changed my mind, stayed home, and watched several episodes of the first season of Murder One. If you like Steven Bochco's work - Cop Rock notwithstanding - this is a good one.

While I was watching it, the sky opened up. It didn't rain, it POURED. So staying home was a good idea.


And now, a wet Monday. Lousy way for all the local school children to spend a vacation day.

Next chance for me to go to Disneyland is Thursday, and they're calling for rain then, too.

Well, we'll see.

Be seeing you.


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