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2007-03-02 - 11:05 a.m.

Well, we headed out to Disneyland by about 12:30, Brin and I. Once we made it to the Park, we headed to Rocket Rod's Pizza Port. Brin had been hankering for a huge slice of their pizza for awhile, and wanted to indulge before we did anything else.

So we walked to Tomorrowland to Rocket Rod's - it's housed in what used to be the classic Mission To Mars - and found out that it was closed for the day.

We did Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters (the wait was only 5 minutes, so we took advantage of that) and decided to eat at the Golden Horseshoe. I had had some wonderful chicken strips there last time, and that sounded tasty to Brin.

We get our food and sat up in the balcony to eat...and they ran the Billy Hill Show while we were there. It's a country vaudeville show with four very talented musician/comedians. The thing was, there hadn't been a 2:30 show we weren't expecting the show. We ate and laughed and managed not to spill everything.

We then headed to Pirates, and the only disappointment of the day. A woman in the seat in front of us decided to camcord the whole ride - WITH her spotlight on. So there's a spotlight swinging around everything, and a bright light right in front of our faces.

Brin turned the light on to her phone, and the cam-fool's companion turned around and said, "Is there a problem?" and, in Brin's words, "gave a shit-eating grin with a how-dare-you tone to it". Cam-fool got the hint, though, and turned off the light...but kept filming. Well, at least the major annoyance of it was gone.

We then headed to California Adventure. Now, my future roommate was planning on meeting us there, and was supposed to call when he got there. We hadn't gotten a phone call all day. So imagine my surprise when Michael walks right in front of us on the way to the lockers.

I said, "That's Michael," and called to him. But he didn't hear me, thanks to his iPod earphones. Brin, silly girl that she is, doubted me. So I whipped out my phone and called Michael's number...and sure enough, he took off his headset and answered his phone. We had a brief meeting - Brin had only spoken to Michael on the phone - and then he headed to Jungle Cruise and we headed to CA for Brin's Soarin' fix.

After that, we met up with Michael back at Jungle Cruise. Brin had never been, so we of course initiated her. The three of us did some more rides before calling it a night.

It was a good day, and we were well-met in the Park.


Plans for today - shopping. Seems that every time Brin comes down, a trip to Target works its way into the schedule.

And later, of course, the band gig.

Be seeing you.


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