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2007-04-27 - 12:40 p.m.

Well, the Angels kicked Tampa Bay to the curb yesterday, 11-3.

I was on the right-field side, one level from the top (not one row, but one level). Here's the view from where I was:

The game lasted almost three hours. Bartolo Colon, in his second appearance since leaving last year due to a torn rotator cuff, pitched seven strong innings. Vlad Guerrero went deep in the first pitch he saw. It was 5-0 Angels after the first inning.

And traffic wasn't that bad. I actually got out fairly quickly. Then Bob and I did some rehearsing. We're adding five songs - three that we did when Bob was recuperating, and two older ones he wants to being back. The rest we will rehearse again at the end of the night.

I'm looking forward to the gig tonight.


Oh, I forgot to tell this story about Wednesday.

We have cigarette butt pots at each hole of our miniature golf courses. People also use these for trash, which is fine - we'd rather the trash go there than on the ground.

Anyway, I was collecting the trash from the butt pots Wednesday night. I saw something brown on the cement. I stepped near it...and it moved. I was able to pick it up, get it under a light, and take a picture with my handy-dandy cell phone:

It was about 55 degrees - no wonder I was able to catch him.

So I warmed him up under the lamp and turned him loose. We like lizards - they eat the bugs that eat our plants.

I always know when it's summer because I start seeing lizards all over the concrete walkways in the morning, and they're all over the rocks.

A little wilderness in the midst of an industrial complex.


A few days ago, I learned that one of my favorite webcomics, Pibgorn, had been discontinued over at Well, creator Brooke McEldowney has started a blog detailing the editorial questions that led to the change, as well as providing a news outlet to all us Pib fans.

Hey, it's better than a monster e-mail list.


I just took a look at my laundry status. I have more than enough for today and tonight. I also need to do some errands. So it looks like laundry will happen tomorrow night, after work.

So today, the post office and DHL.

Be seeing you.


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Brin - 2007-04-28 00:02:41 -
When I was growing up, we lived about two long blocks from a ditch, and in that ditch were hundreds of tadpoles at the beginning of the summer. In addition to the resident gopher, our backyard also contained a toad, and occasionally, one of the little lizards like the one you are holding in the picture. Thank you for warming it up and letting it scamper off; it brought back a lot of memories.


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