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2007-07-26 - 12:59 p.m.

I'm done with jury duty. This was a really fast case. Let me lay out the timeline:

7:45am - check in
11:30am - my name called, check in at courtroom, selection begins
12-1:30 - lunch
2pm - I'm empaneled, opening statements, first plaintiff witness
3:30 - done for the day

9:30am-2pm - second, third, fourth witnesses, plaintiff rests
2pm-3:30pm - defense first witness, done for the day

9:30am-10:30am - second and third defense witnesses, defense rests, closing arguments
11:30 - we get the case, set up in jury room
12-1:30 - lunch break
1:30-4 - deliberations
4pm - arrive at verdict
4:30 - done with service

How was it? Very interesting. It was my first time on a jury, and - this may sound weird - I enjoyed it. My only primary concern was how much time I'd lose from work. If I got a very long trial, or got sequestered, I could be in deep kim-chee. This wasn't the case here - what little I did lose I'll get back in jury pay.

What was it all about? It was a civil trial, regarding worker's comp. A woman who was driving her work van got rear-ended at an intersection. The insurance company for her work paid her worker's comp claims, and they were suing the man who hit her to try to reclaim some of the money. There was no issue of liability - the man admitted he hit her vehicle, and both sides stipulated to that. So it was a matter of number-crunching to figure out how much the man (or his insurance company) would pay.

I'd be more than willing to do it again...and I'll probably get the call. Once everything is square with work, I'll go.


So things are back to what passes for normal here at Chez Too Old.

Which means I need to get ready for work.

Be seeing you.


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AquaDreamers - 2007-07-27 06:47:17 -
Thanks for fulfilling your 'duty' and not shirking it like some people do regularly. You were part of the system, you did your bit for King and Country. Now relax and have an ice water.


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