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2007-08-23 - 12:33 p.m.

Today will be what Hawkeye Pierce once called "a full, rich day".

Brin is going to give me a haircut, finish packing, and then we're going to grab a bite before I take her to the airport.

Then I'm going to swing by Ikea and get two more seat cusions. Then I'll make it home in time to catch some of the Angels/Blue Jays game.

Then, rest.


Well, I've tried to avoid talking about this. It's really just too damn horrific. But I guess it's time.

Due to Michael Vick's actions, some new owners of Falcons season tickets are ready to sell.

Congratulations, Vick. You're going to jail. You are quite possibly not going to be in your chosen field for the rest of your life. You're going to have this stigma on you for eternity. And, incidentally, you have cost your team and yourself a shitload of money. And for what? Setting animals on each other, killing each other for entertainment. Killing dogs that just didn't want to participate to YOUR satisfaction.

Was it worth it, dumbass? All you sports players who go out and get into bar fights, who do illegal drugs, conspire to kill, and numerous other criminal activities - is it worth it? Is it fucking WORTH IT??

Are you assholes so fucking STUPID that the morals clauses in your contracts are meaningless?? Or is it because you think you'll have the support of dumbshits like this guy and these imbeciles? Or do you really honestly think that it's racial - that if you're caught, you can cry "racism" and be excused? Why, you fuckwads? Why?

Brin told me about a radio caller who said dogfighting was "cultural". Well, owning slaves is "cultural" all over the world, so does that make it okay?

Oh, but we want to treat Vick fairly, right? We don't want to be unjust. The most just solution I've seen comes from Bob Lai: let Vick go back to the Falcons. Let him play. Let him make his money. And the instant the Falcons lose, the owner puts a bullet in Vick's brain.

If it's a good enough punishment for animals, it's good enough for Vick.


Now, something a bit lighter.

According to this report, men with "caveman faces" are most attractive to women.

No wonder this guy ran around with three gorgeous babes.


Okay, enough of all this.

Time to attack the full, rich day.

If you get a chance, pet a dog.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Acorn - 2007-08-23 22:48:48 -
Man, I haven't thought about Captain a long time. I think I'd actually forgotten about it, hm!


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