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2008-03-21 - 11:42 a.m.

Okay. No political stuff today. I may post such tomorrow. But I need to tell a story here. Kindly indulge me.

This is a story that has no ending as of this moment.

So this is a story about a friendship. The names have been changed, but the parties involved will know who they are.

Once, there were two buddies. Their names were Fred and Barney. One day, Fred met Wilma, the woman he would soon marry. Since Wilma wanted to move out of where she was, Fred and Wilma asked Barney to help get an apartment. So they did. A couple years later, they had an opportunity to rent a house. So they all moved into the house. Things went well for a bit. Then Fred and Wilma got married. Wilma then wanted Barney to move out so she and Fred would have privacy. Fred didn't want to ask his friend to move, but he went along with the idea.

Barney didn't take this too well. In fact, when the time came for him to move out, Barney said some not-too-nice things to Fred. Wilma got highly offended in defense of her husband, and - despite a previous statement that she would "stay out of it" - got in Barney's face. Barney's move-out was not pleasant, to say the least.

Fred and Barney didn't talk for about six months. Then, out of the blue, Barney showed up at Fred's work. They talked it out, and Fred forgave Barney. They became friends again. When Wilma found out, she didn't like it at all - in fact she said that, if Barney was going to come over, she wanted to know in advance so she wouldn't be there. Fred felt that since he was the injured party and he had accepted Barney's apology, then it should be over. Wilma didn't feel the same way.

A couple years later, Fred and Wilma got a divorce. Fred and Barney got an apartment, and things were well. Then Barney met Betty, they fell in love, and got married. Fred was very happy for his long-time-bachelor friend. Betty moved in with Fred and Barney. The three of them had talked things over prior, and agreed that all problems could be worked out through communication - if something's wrong, say so.

But it didn't work out that way. Barney and Betty needed their own place. In an e-mail, Fred was told that he "had too much stuff". What Fred didn't glean from this was "Betty would like to bring her things in, can you make room?" Fred is a rather straightforward guy and doesn't always pick up on any subtleties very often.

So they moved out. Fred found a new roommate named Joe. Fred, Barney, and Betty occasionally socialized but not to a great extent; Fred was willing to give the newlyweds their privacy.

Then, after the three of them had dinner together, Fred got an e-mail from Barney. In it, Barney says that the three of them will most likely never socialize together again. Somehow, Fred had done something to anger Betty. Fred wasn't told what he'd done/failed to do, just that it had happened and there was no way to fix it. Betty refused to discuss it, even with her husband.

Though it hurt Fred a great deal - "you broke this somehow, but we won't tell you how and you can't make it right" - he let his old friend go. If it helped keep the peace in Barney's home, Fred was willing to make that break...for his friend's sake if not his own.

Time passed. At one point, Betty wrote in a blog entry that she was sorry that she gave the impression that she didn't like Fred...but no specifics were ever mentioned.

A few months later, Barney texted Fred to wish him a happy birthday. Occasional further texts would follow, usually references to things they both used to enjoy. A slow bit of repair was done, but Barney still never told Fred what had happened.

Then, Barney asked to meet with Fred and socialize. Fred replied that they needed to have their chat first. Barney said that, even after this time, he still couldn't explain...and besides, someone else owed Fred most of the explanation.

Fred, torn between wanting to see his friend again and being angry that he never got the whole story, backed off. As Fred sees it, the ball is in Barney's and Betty's court. Fred feels he deserves to know what happened, what he did, and why he can't make it right if it truly is his fault and not a horrible misunderstanding. And he can't in good conscience socialize with Betty and Barney until that happens.

How will this end? I don't know. It's up to the three of them to work it out. Whether they will or not is beyond my control.

But they know how to reach each other. Hopefully they can find their way back.

I hope they can.


Okay, enough of that. My tax refund came in, so I need to go pay my tax guy and do a little spending with what little is left.

That includes buying a birthday present. BWAH hah hah hah...

Be seeing you.


3 comments so far

artgnome - 2008-03-21 14:20:33 -
Fred and Barney need to pick better women. geez.


John - 2008-03-21 17:40:23 -
Naw, Barny & Betty need to stop playing games and grow the hell up. Fred deserves better.


Jeff - 2008-03-23 07:41:35 -
You know, I never did like Betty and Wilma...Seriously, though, I agree with "John."


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