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2008-05-02 - 11:01 a.m.

More baseball stuff today.

So last night I watched the Athletics thump the Angels 15-8. Rookie starter Nick Adenhart (in his Major League debut), after a one-two-three first inning, gave up four runs in the second inning. The Angels roared back with five, including a three-run homer from shortstop Eric Aybar (his FIRST homer this year). Adenhart was pulled in the third inning, and Dustin Moseley came in. Moseley has been doing well, so it seemed like it was going to get better.

Hoo boy. The Athletics knocked in eight runs in the fifth inning off Moseley and reliever Darren O'Day.

So, like Wednesday, an Angels rookie has a bad bad day. But Adenhart was vindicated - the Athletics were simply hitting the balls where the fielders weren't. They were doing that to everybody in this game. Adenhart's minor league record is very impressive - a 4-0 record with an ERA of something like 0.87. He's officially the youngest pitcher ever to start a major league game. He was also pitching on three days of rest instead of the usual five...which may or may not have had something to do with it.

But the Athletics were pounding everybody. They were simply the better team that night.

What I said about Matt Brown yesterday applies to Adenhart as well - you made it. Be proud.

Oh, and speaking of Brown - he was brought in late in the game to play second. He made two good fielding plays and knocked a two-run double in the ninth that rolled all the way to the center-right outfield wall.

Good for him. I knew he could do it. They don't let just any schlub onto the field.

UPDATE: Brown is being sent back down and outfielder Reggie Willits is being brought up. Willits had an outstanding year last year, filling in for the injured Garret Anderson and belting the ball extremely well.

Here's Matt Brown's minor league stat page. I agree with Smed - he will be back.


Comes the dawn...and my phone rings. It's the manager of the IHOP.

He's very apologetic about my complaint. He tells me that, while most of the upgrade charges are less than $2.49, the pancake-to-waffle one is very high and he'll be speaking with his manager about the possibility of changing it. He also told me that the servers are trained to inform the customer of the cost, so part of it was her fault. He said he would be mailing me some discount coupons and asked that I come back.

How about that.


The memory locks for my drums arrived yesterday. It looks like they'll work with the new mount. Next week I will install the mount and the lock.

I also got a cat brush that Brin ordered for Solange. I used it this morning and got quite a bit of fur out before she took off for a bit.

Jon [indicating a pile of hair as big as Garfield]: What am I supposed to do with all this cat hair?

Garfield: Make yourself another cat.


Love this headline: "Ocean Cooling To Briefly Halt Global Warming".

Evidently, these "natural climate variations [emphasis mine] could be stronger than the global-warming trend".

You could be cyclical? Whodathunkit?


Hillary said she would "totally obliterate" Iran if they use nuclear weapons. So what does Iran do? They go cry to the they will do anything.

If a Republican had said this, he would've been crucified in the press.


Onward into the day. There will be nappage sometime this afternoon, and then the gig.

Be seeing you.


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