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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

2008-06-03 - 1:07 p.m.

Remember yesterday when I said that, due to all the Grad Nights this month, my work schedule was going to get weird? Well, it did - I'll be working a 6pm-2am shift this week.

Roommate Jim has already made plans to have a date over for a home-cooked dinner. I hope they have a good time.


Mark Evanier comments here about Hillary's campaign. Some news sites are saying she will concede tonight. Some are saying she will acknowledge that Obama has the delegates but will stay in anyway. And at CNN they are saying she is "absolutely not" prepared to admit defeat.

This woman is giving me a major headache. Where's the Advil?


Speaking of the Clintons, Vanity Fair has a huge article about Bill called "The Comeback Id". Bill's almost-as-long response is here.

This first comment to the reply is telling:

And yet they accuse the Obama camp of rabidly attacking anyone who doesn't fall perfectly in-line. Hypocrisy, thy name is Clinton.

I think Bill needs to go away, too.


If you think Obama's campaign of "change" is new...

...think again.


This will end well: a lawyer from the university of Oregon wants to start lawsuits against the government for not doing anything to stop global warming. One of her claims is that "the atmosphere is an asset that belongs to all but is held in trust by the government".

So she thinks the air we breathe belongs to the government. If the government agrees, expect a tax on this very soon.


The state of New York has decided to start taxing online sales. Amazon is suing, and is simply going to stop selling in New York.

If states and cities make it too costly or unpleasant for businesses to do business, they will go elsewhere. Just ask the city of Berkeley.


This lady is a Darwin Award winner in the making.

I already know that people are being dumbed down - the folks at the local restaurants I patronize can't figure out the correct change without a calculator.


There's an election going on today, so I need to get out and vote.

Be seeing you.


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