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Rock And Roll All Nite

2008-09-08 - 11:19 a.m.

So we did the gig on Saturday night at a very nice hotel. It was a birthday party for the mom of one of our regular customers. Most of the friends who showed up were also seniors, so about half the crowd had left by the time we took our break - at 8:45pm.

We did get asked about performing other parties, so we may get some more work from this. Fine by me.


On Sunday, Brin and I went to the Park (Brin's write-up is here).

Not a perfect evening there, but fun nevertheless.


Cashing in those frequent flyer miles will now cost you, as airlines are now tacking on fuel surcharges.

Here's something, though:

When Northwest announced the impending fees back in July, Chief Executive Doug Steenland said in a press release that it was "a temporary service fee to partially offset our fuel costs. As fuel comes down we will re-visit this decision."

That was two days before oil prices hit their record high of $147.27 a barrel. Fuel prices have dropped significantly since then, with oil trading at about $106 a barrel on Friday.

Tim Winship, editor of the travel advice site, said that as fuel prices continue to fall "any new fuel surcharge is likely to be met with skepticism and anger by travelers. Presumably the airlines know that."

There may very well be a backlash. We'll see.


Ford has developed a car that will get 65 MPG! Great news, right?

Sure...if you live in Europe.

The Ford Fiesta ECOnetic runs on diesel, and it's not cost-efficient to sell it here in the US, where diesel is still thought of as the smelly-exhaust-producing fuel for trucks.


Let's hope this becomes a trend:

The Church of Scientology will be tried in a French court for "organised fraud," legal sources said Monday.

Founded in the United States in 1954 by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, the church was officially recognised as a religion there nearly 20 years later.

But it is often accused in France and other European countries, including Belgium, Germany and Greece, of exploiting its members financially.

No word if Tom Cruise will testify.


Okay, Brin and I are going to stalk and kill some wild lunch.

Be seeing you.


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