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The Night Owls

2008-12-15 - 11:22 a.m.

So, after an absolutely miserable day at work, Brin and I made plans to go to the Parks, primarily so I could get cheered up.

We made it to California Adventure and rode Soarin' and Muppets (yes, again) before closing time. Then we went to the main Park and found a good spot to catch the Christmas fireworks and get some of the artificial snow dropped on us.

We then hiked over to the Tomorrowland Terrace to catch the Scot Bruce show. Right before the show started, it began to rain. Scot's show was called due to weather after about fifteen minutes.

The rain just put a miserable damper on the day. We came home and bundled up, and finally sacked out around 1:30am.

The rain has continued all night long. Hopefully today will be a bit better at work.


The mayor of South El Monte, CA likes to work late. She's a "self-described night-owl" and since her days are "filled with meetings and her in-box is overflowing with letters from residents affected by the worsening economy", she does a lot of work in the late night/early morning hours.

Here's a mayor who stays late till her work is done. So what does her city council do? They impose a curfew on the mayor, saying she can't stay past 11pm.



Oliver North has some good questions for our new "car czar", whoever it may be.

A commenter says that, if we must have a car czar, it should at least be someone who is an expert on a NASCAR driver.


A German court has ruled that having large breasts is not an illness, and therefore breast reduction surgery is not covered by their medical insurance.

Glad to know that they've cleared THAT up.


Okay. I have things to do before an early work meeting.

Be seeing you.


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