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At Last

2009-03-31 - 11:53 a.m.

Well, here it is - the end of March.

Where does the time go?


At last, it's almost baseball season.

Fox Sports Network has started running some of the Angels' exhibition games. The Boys are really kicking ass in spring training. Unfortunately, it doesn't count right now.

Opening day is next Monday. Look for occasional Angels news here.

Still hatin' the Red Sox. I hope they choke.


Everything went well at the dentist. Better than I'd hoped, actually.

They took gum measurements. Now, when they do this, they stick a metal spike with markings on it between your tooth and your gum. This measures gum swelling, amongst other things.

Good measurements are two and three. Four is "borderline", five and up is bad.

Now, I have gingivitis. My gums are not in too great of shape, although my teeth are fine - very strong, firmly anchored, and I only have three cavities in 43 years of existing.

Usually my gum measurements are fives and sixes. Yes, sixes.

This visit, there was only one five. The rest were threes and fours.

I'm doing better, yes I am.


After the dentist (and lunch at Chevy's), I stopped off at the nearby PetCo. Over the weekend, Solange coughed up a hairball, so I was looking for an actual kitteh brush - the ones with the wire teeth. I found a nice one pretty quickly.

I also checked the prices on the filters for Solange's new water fountain. Online, they are about $5.50 for two. At PetCo, they are $9 for three. So it's cheaper for me to get them from the brick-and-mortar. I did order a two-pack from the website, but I was already ordering a replacement fountain pump, so I figured I'd get some extra filters. No, nothing's wrong with the pump - I just figured it would be a Good Idea to have a spare.

Anyway, according to the filter package, they recommend changing the filter every 60-90 days if the fountain is used by one animal. So a three-pack will last for half the year.

Works for me.


Speaking of kittehs...

Brace yourself. Diabetes may ensue.


Click here.

You were warned.


Okay. I have a few things to do, and then I get to watch a little bit of Angels baseball on FSN before I go in to work.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

artgnome - 2009-03-31 21:17:40 -
I have cavities galore, but healthy gums. It seems to be that way with most, strong and healthy with one, weak with the other.


Bob - 2009-04-01 14:44:41 -
Slated to go see Angels v. Giants on June 17th. Got seats in Lower Box, left field.


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