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2009-11-03 - 12:47 p.m.

Yesterday I found out what the problem was with our bowling game and fixed it.

No, really.

The cause of all this hassle and two months of no income from these lanes? Somehow a +12VDC wire went where 12V of DC current is NOT supposed to go.

It was that simple. I re-adjusted the wire so it wouldn't happen again, and it fired right up.



So this morning I get up at 7am, call my boss to explain it all, and then go right back to bed.

I wake up around noon. I'm feeling especially blob-like today. I really don't feel like getting out of the apartment.

However, despite the fact that I asked them really nice and pretty-please, the laundry refuses to do itself.



More Laila news.

While I was cutting up the kielbasa for my jambalaya, Laila leaped up onto the kitchen sink counter to investigate the smell of food.

I think the leg has completely healed.


Someone asked me if the donation button for Laila's vet bill (link to left, say thankya) meant I was struggling financially.

Actually, I'm doing okay in that department. There have been setbacks, but sometimes there are advances.

It was also suggested that I take down the button after the bill is paid in full. The plan is to do just that - it won't stay up a minute longer than necessary.

Thanks for the concern, Mom.


Okay. I have food and laundry and blob-ness.

Be seeing you.


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