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Mailbox Blues

2009-12-11 - 1:29 p.m.

Yesterday was good-and-bad.

I went to the post office to pick up my new registration sticker for my car and mail out my rent check. Now, I needed to get stamps also - they've taken out the stamp vending machines, so I actually have to buy them from the clerk.

Well, when I got there the line was huge. I decided to buy from the electronic kiosk and use my debit card.

There was a minimum purchase of three. No big deal, I'd need them eventually. And there was a nice employee that said a truck was leaving the PO in about fifteen minutes, so my rent check would be postmarked and go out on that truck.

So I'm giving him the envelope and as I do, a nervous flustered lady comes in. She needs stamps but is in a bit of a hurry. So she doesn't want to stand in line and she doesn't have a credit card with her. And I'm standing there with two extra stamps.

So I offer to sell them to her. She buys both from me, refuses my offer of change, and gives HER envelope to the employee. It turns out that HER envelope contained her property tax payment. So maybe - just maybe - I helped save her house.

She gives me a hug and heads out. Fair trade, methinks.


Then because I was in the neighborhood, I headed to the Chinese buffet and overindulged.

WAY too much.

I waddled home and felt miserable for about two hours. By then my stomach had processed enough food that I felt better.


Oh, I forgot to mention.

Earlier this week, Time Warner Cable shuffled some of their analog channels over to digital to make room for 100 new digital channels. About the only one I really miss is ABC Family, because they frequently run an hour's worth of the American version of Whose Line Is It Anyway at midnight.

So I can't see it...unless I get a digital box. From them.

They are loaning digital cable boxes to customers who want them for a year, at no charge. I'll probably get one and see if keeping it after that will be worth it.

I'm still not going to get digital cable. I'm not paying ($40 + digital box rental + remote rental) / month for the two digital channels I want.


Just got a call. My GM wants me to come in a bit early.

Well, I have a couple things to do. And it's raining, so I'll have to leave extra early...because nobody knows how to drive in the rain here in southern California.

Be seeing you.


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