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2010-01-06 - 12:25 p.m.

Well, I went on a quest to find some Sudafed yesterday...and for the most part I failed miserably (which made me feel even more miserable).

Albertsons had only the crappy generic that does NOTHING for me. They said they might get more of the Real Name Brand in "three or four days". I bought tissues and left.

Rite-Aid had a huge line. Didn't try.

Walgreens was out of stock but suggested I try later. By that time I was already running late. So I headed to work with my tissues.

The GM commiserated and made a couple suggestions. In a meeting later in the day Walter sympathized, saying his allergies go crazy every time he comes back here from the "home base" location in AZ.

This time, my nose wasn't quite as runny...but my eye was watering something terrible. So I spent most of the work shift daubing at it and irritating THAT patch of skin.

After work was done, I tried Walgreens again. Lo and behold, they had received a shipment. They had Sudafed. Relief was on its way.

Now, what some of you may not know is that some cold medicines like Sudafed can be used to make illegal drugs. Granted, you have to purchase a huge amount of it...but it still is enough of a problem that you have to show ID every time you buy it. It also is usually kept behind the counter so these fools can't swipe it.

So anyway, I point to the higher-priced package...and the pharmacist gets it down and says that it's a 24-pack. Albertsons had the 48-pack for slightly less than what Walgreens was charging.

I pulled a hubba-hubba-WHA and the clerk checked - somebody had put the 24-packs in the 48-pack spot. He removed the first four packages and found a 48-pack behind them. So I got charged the correct price for the correct box.

I came home, took two, and relaxed...and slept better.


Now, this morning.

While my sinuses are still clogged and my eye is still weeping a bit, my nose is no longer dripping.

So there has been some improvement.


Comedian Jeffrey Jena makes his predictions for the new year over here. While some are political, here's a couple of my favorites:

In 2010 a well-known Hollywood film maker will produce a film that by most Midwestern standards would be called "porno." It will be hailed as a great step towards artistic freedom and rated R.

In the coming year I will not be familiar with the work of anyone who wins a Grammy.

This year General Motors will introduce the "Volt" as the car of the future. It will sell slightly less units than Paris Hilton's last CD.

The State of California will go out of business and divide into three smaller states, Upper California to the far north, South California from Orange County to the Mexican border and The People's Republic of Central California which will go broke again in 2011.

An Islamic fundamentalist attempts to create a "man-made disaster" by placing a bomb up his backside. The device is detected after he dines at a White Castle before going to the airport. Janet Napolitano orders "inspections" of every passenger on all flights. This job is given to the IRS which is already highly skilled in this type of work.

Keith Olbermann challenges Rush Limbaugh to a charity boxing match but refuses to remove his glasses in the ring and then cries foul when Rush punches a guy wearing glasses.

Say what you want - you KNOW he's right about the IRS.


Okay. Time to get going. Let's hope the healing continues.

Be seeing you.


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